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November 17, 2012
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DualityOCT: Nina Lovilio [Updated] by CinnamoonAkia DualityOCT: Nina Lovilio [Updated] by CinnamoonAkia

Name: Nina Lovilio (Low-vee-lee-o)

Age: 10


Younger sister of Robin, she spent most of her life been fawned over by her mother and father. Feeling a lot more adventurous and rebellious than Robin when he was young, she has declared herself a member of the thieves guild, despite Flea's insistence that she has nothing to do with them and that she was way too young and wow please go home to your mother strange child. She's very protective of her brother and is often seen with Bario (as Bario is often stuck on baby sitting duties with her when Chester isn't around), or when Bario is busy, his two lopunnnies. Bario has tried to convince her to stop harassing people in the markets (she thinks she's subtle by punching people in the knees and demanding money), but she doesn't listen. Often bullied by other children because she's a girl and because she's from a wealthy family, Nina doesn't have many friends.

Recent events have tempered her impulsive actions. Tired of always being watched, Nina now slips away from Vic's gaze and seeks out her brother. Nina's also been seeing visions as of late.


After Round 1…
After Milena’s scathing comment on his hesitation to harm and warning of the lack of sympathy from the enemy, the overhanging doom of war finally sunk down into Robin’s dense head. It was a slow process though; it began with the need to cut down on his overly poofy clothes because it got in the way of training, and then to the rest of his clothes in general. Dirt, grass, and blood stains are hard to get out of light colors. Eventually he cuts his hair because, as he found out, some pokemon and trainers are prone to hair pulling in training. His freckles became more apparent and multiplied all over his face and back (and butt, don’t worry) because of the hours spent under the sun. He stopped slouching, walked straighter. His quietness is now associated with a reticent personality rather than a timid one. His tall thin frame finally filled with muscle, he can hold his own against stronger opponents.

Between studying in the libraries and training outside, Robin doesn’t have much time to smile anymore. He’s starting to look like a proper soldier (and a bit more like his dad).

After Round 2…
Robin learns the value of family and that in order to protect them he must cut himself off from them. Fleeing to Driftveil with Bario's help gave him time to mull over things and now he's quieter than ever. He knows he has lost everything, and it wasn't the fault of Castelia's soldiers or Prince Einarr's orders. It was his own.

After Round 3…
Robins injuries cause him to fall into a month long coma filled with painful moments of lucidity. He's lost a lot of weight and gained new scars running across his entire upper body. Meanwhile, Charles has left without a word. Where he is no one knows, except Mumma. But she reveals no answers to no one.

After Round 4…
Nina runs away from Vic and Al's home to follow after her brother. Meanwhile, word had traveled to the Lovilio family that their son is dead. Both Adam and Cozima fall into a depression after receiving the news. Cozima is convinced both their children are dead and has spent most of her days staring out the window and eating little. Adam is not so convinced that the gods are so cruel as to take both his children away from him and is now looking even harder to find his daughter.

Meanwhile during the funeral arrangements, Hale leads Nina to the burnt down Benedict and Sons' forge. Nina finds out the truth, and seeks to find her brother's killer. Her only leads are a knight with blue armor, red hair, and a very fat vibrava.

History: Hale was a gift from Daddy Lovilio to Robin when he was 8. Meant to be a bodyguard, Hale eventually worked his way up to butler status with spoilt little Robin. Oh joy. His origins are rather fuzzy, all Robin's father said about him when he gave the shiny luxray to his son was that he came from a bad place.

Personality: Smug, sarcastic, and fiercely protective, Hale has stayed by Robin’s side since he arrived at the Lovilio household.

History: Charles was a stray running away from an overly friendly munna when he ran into the Lovilio’s chateau. He quickly hid underneath one of the porches as the munna sat outside the gap waiting for him to come out to play. Hale eventually found them both a few hours later. Hale wanted to throw them back out to the streets, but Robin grew fond of the scardy cyndy. So, Charles stayed.

Personality: Poor Charles was so intimidated by the entire situation of being stalked by a nightmare eating munna and the intense angry stares of a giant luxray, he hasn’t fully recovered yet (it’s been 5 years now; that’s how freaking scary Hale and Mumma are). He only trusts Robin and refuses to be held by anyone else.

History: Mumma was found stalking Charles to the chateau and hasn’t left since. Robin tried to shoo her away, but she just came floating back. He hasn’t had a nightmare since.

Personality: Mumma’s expressions and emotions are hard to distinguish, but Robin thinks she’s happy or at least content most the time. She sometimes makes cooing noises when Robin pets her. Sometimes Mumma will stare at someone to the point where they are uncomfortable, then she’ll slowly float over to press her face into their face until they freak out and leave. Other than that she’s basically a big pink ball of happy and scary.

Ernst and Caravaggio

History: They are extremely loyal to Nina because she found them as a deino, Ernst, digging through the trash of someone's house. She managed to tackle the deino to the ground and tie it up with some rope she found. She then tried to drag the deino away back to the estate. Obviously, Ernst sat down and allowed himself to be barraged by Nina's efforts (she can hardly drag 10 pounds anywhere let along a 40 pound deino). She almost passed out with her effort to drag him anywhere and Ernst felt so bad that he just got up and followed her.

Personalities: Both Ernst and Caravaggio are quiet and extremely docile. They act more like timid dogs than a small dragon, though Caravaggio is more willing to go with Nina's crazy plans than Ernst.

Update as of 2/18/13:
Hey hey hey, look its Richard! Richard is the only one in the party who actually converses with Robin via speech, though these incidents are rare.

And yes, Mumma's face is intentional.

Update as of 5/19/13:
Robin's all moody and less fashionable now. Also he had his birthday on Bario's ship. It was a glorious day filled with alchohol and drifting off course for a whole day and Robin throwing up off the side of the ship. It was great.

Update as of 8/1/13:
Robin's got new outfits thanks to Al(… and Vic's giant house that probably rivals his own. His hair is burnt shorter, his eyes sunk a little deeper, and weighs a lot more lighter. Mumma evolved thanks to her lovely cave adventures with Yao(…. She picked up a moonstone on the way back. Her eyes are now permanently closed unless she is using nightmare.
References for Robin's new clothes, scars, etc:

Update as of 10/23/13:
ding dong robin's dead nina's here to stay and play. If you're wondering how Robin's pokemon will react to her, Mumma and Charles both don't like her because Nina was loud as a kid and always bullied Charles. Hale raised Nina up from birth, as opposed to prepubescent Robin, so hes used to her and will protect her with his life. This time fo' realsies.
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